Residential conveyancing

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At Garden Stirling Burnet we understand that buying and selling your home can be a stressful time. Our team, led by Alan BorrowmanIan Philp, and Cheryl Edgar has over 30 years experience and an unrivalled knowledge of the East Lothian property market and will do all they can to make the process as straightforward as possible.

Residential Conveyancing

Conveyancing involves legally transferring home ownership from the seller to the buyer. So, you will need the services of a residential conveyancer if you are –

  • Buying a new home
  • Selling your home
  • Transferring ownership on death
  • Transferring ownership due to divorce or separation
  • Transferring ownership as a gift

Your conveyancer will also complete the remortgage transaction and discharge your mortgage once it has been repaid.

Buying your home

Buying your home can be a complex process whether you are a first time buyer, are wanting a bigger property to meet the needs of a growing family or are looking to downsize. For most of us our home is our biggest asset so you want to make sure that your next move is the right one. Our legal team will be there to help you with all the legal aspects of buying your home including :

  • Speaking to your mortgage lender
  • Completing your transfer documents, and
  • Preparing your loan documents

And our Estate Agency team (link) will be there to support you in areas such as noting interest in a property, arranging a survey and negotiating offers.

Selling your home

When it comes to selling your home there is much to think about and we are here to make the process as easy as possible. We can assist with all the legal aspects of selling your home, including -

  • Working with our Estate Agency team (link) to ensure you have a tailored marketing strategy which will maximise the exposure of your property and achieve the best results possible
  • Discussing any offers you receive, negotiating price, date of entry and any conditions specific to the sale
  • Issuing an acceptance on your behalf, which protects your best interests and arranging to have the contract of sale binding on both parties
  • Completing all the searches, preparing the transfer documents and answering any questions raised by the buyers’ solicitors
  • Arranging for the repayment of your mortgage – both in terms of establishing how much is outstanding and making sure the balance is paid when the transaction is completed
  • Settling the transaction, which involves letting your Council Tax Office know of the change of ownership and sending the proceeds of the sale direct to you


Haddington office - Alan Borrowman, tel: 01620 824996

Dunbar office - Ashleigh Urwin tel: 01368 862376

Tranent office - Ian Philp tel: 01875 611616

North Berwick office - Cheryl Edgar tel: 01620 892307